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Alarm description
Nov 25, 2016

Multi-function alarm control panel, Cable Wireless defense area (eight-way wireless four wired zone): connection cable probe, wire magnetic, cable gas alarm sensors for home visits. (If expanded to four wireless defense area, can be operated using the remote control, you can anytime, anywhere wireless alarm or relief) variety of modes of operation: you can use the telephone to operate the system can also operate elsewhere by telephone; can keep will be the alarm signal in digital form to the alarm centre can set the voltage and current phone number. With advanced anti-jamming characteristics, lightning. Hope the quality of our products, prices, services can give you satisfaction!

Smart Home door sensor function:

Alarm: If the illegal break-ins, immediately connected to the site through the host's high-decibel speakers or alarm the alarm Horn, and sends out an alarm signal;

Theft prevention: who are the bad guys a home invasion robbery, immediately sent an alarm signal;

Help: can be used in homes for the elderly, children, accident and emergency help alarm;

Fire prevention: through timely detection of smoke detectors the smoke issue fire alerts;

Combustible gas poisoning prevention: able to detect gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gas leaks, alarm;

Automatic alarm: in case of alarm, hosts automatically call the phone number settings, such as networked alarm to the alarm centre or send alarm signal;

Remote: switch on immediately after the call and judge an indoor scene, BSV monitor liquid crystal mosaic wall 24 hours so as to whether action should be taken;

Remote radio: host offsite remote via mobile phone or phone home host protection or removal;

9) remote monitoring: master in the remote distance can phone home phone monitoring home sound and exceptional sound.

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