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Alarm functions
Nov 25, 2016

Air pressure detection through advanced technology, truly free installation. So as to ensure the vehicle's original circuit will not be damaged.

Two, dual-sensor technology

Built-in air pressure and vibration sensors, via text message or the remote control to set dual alarm. Must be within a certain time-triggered vibrations and pressure through text messages and phone calls to police. To reduce because of Thunder, Fireworks and next vehicle or other ground vibration caused by false positives.

Vehicles enter the "fortification" State, such as police, owners of new GSM alarm system will immediately call the preset alarm call (mobile phone, landline and other) alerts or SMS alert. Sound alerts.

When the robberies and car snatching, the driver can press a hidden button or help buttons on the remote control alarm, alarm calls can be immediately stolen vehicles were stalled, monitor operations, while lock off car circuit, circuit for a vehicle cannot be started without having to clear.

Preset phone after fortification, prohibit all remote control operation. Must have a preset phone removal, improve safety levels.

Host phone number using a preset phone call ringing 1-3 hook for fortification, ringing 4-6 hook for withdrawal. Completely free of charge.

After the alarm, owner of telephone monitoring vehicle movement, easy to confirm the alarm, vehicle protection, disarm, telephone available on/opening. And remote control of the vehicle, such as stalled.

Complete mobile phone functions, make driving more comfortable, safe.

Closing after 20 seconds, automatically lock central locking to ensure traffic safety.

When an alarm occurs, the system via a cellular network, using text messages telling owners of specific policing (such as "vibration alarm", "pressure alarm"); as long as mobile phone network coverage, the alarm without any distance limitations.

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