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Application of infrared radiation advantages
Nov 25, 2016

Application of infrared radiation:

1, the use of infrared beams, vision is not visible, hidden defense: the invaders unwittingly hit police.

2, the traditional active infrared intrusion detector to prevent surface low, there are blind spots or corners. Multi beam distance infrared curtain wall product there are no blind spots and corners.

3, provides superior defense capabilities: attackers do not quickly jump (to achieve ≥ 20ms, triggered alarm products have this feature), and prostrate or other actions through the network of invisible infrared beam range of prevention.

4, good anti-jamming characteristics: block all IR pulse code beam is used as alarm trigger conditions when insects, leaves or small animals, such as through an infrared beam, when unable to completely block all IR pulse code beam does not generate false alarms.

5, stringent vandal: when the infrared receiver power or signal when the line was cut, alarm wireless alarm signal output circuit will automatically output signal.

6, all-day work. Infrared on shot detector implementation national standards GB10408.4--2000 Active infrared invasion detector "subsection 4.1.7 detection distance b) outdoor with: active infrared invasion detector of maximum shot beam distance should is factory provides of detection distance of 6 times times above" of provides, to resist rain, and fog, and haze, and strongly steam, and strongly Sun for shot beam of attenuation, resist Gale (especially side to Gale) blow and caused shot beam of offset, bad weather and the meteorological conditions interference.

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