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Infrared radiation detector installation
Nov 25, 2016

Infrared radiation detector for installation:

① pillar-mounted: the more popular round and square are two of the pillars, early popular are pillars with circular cross section, now the situation has reversed, and square pillars in the engineering sector are becoming more popular. Primarily probe is mounted on square pillars did not turn around, hard to move. In addition, there is a wide range of stainless steel, alloy, aluminum alloy profiles to choose from is one of its strengths. Another on the types of practices is the choice of angle steel pillars, if not pipe line effectively concealed, were exposed in the air by line, this approach is not taken.

Shape of the pillars can be "1" font, "z"-shaped or curved, depending on the characteristics of the building and the security requirements, the key point is fixed must be strong, the mainstay of chipboard, no shift or shake to facilitate installation and fortification, reducing false positives.

② Wall-Mount: now at the cutting edge of technology security market active infrared detector manufacturer, to provide horizontal 180 ° full angle back dip angle of more than 20 ° infrared detectors, such as HA, ABT, ABF series ALEPH active infrared detector, probes can be supported on the external walls of buildings or walls, fences, installed directly.

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