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the principle of door sensor contact switch
Sep 12, 2017

First, the principle of door contact switch - - Brief Introduction

Magnetic sensor is a kind of security alarm system, according to the different installation location,it can be divided into door switch and window magnetic switch ,  generally it is not easy to be seen, therefore it play a import role in security alarming,  intruders Did not see the door switch and break in the door or the window,the door switch will send  alarm sound or directly inform the police have an illegal intrusion.


Menci switch can also be used with the access control system, under normal circumstances, the need to enter the card operation, the system obtains its information to determine whether it has permission to enter, have permission, the door to enter, enter into, in addition to this All into the way are forced to enter, the door switch in the discovery of forced entry will be when the alarm.

Second, the principle of magnetic switch

The door switch is mainly composed of a switch part and a magnet part, wherein the switch part is mainly a normally open type reed tube; the magnet part is mainly a permanent magnet which contains permanent magnets for providing a stable magnetic field. When the switch part is very close to the magnet part, that is, when the door or window is in the closed state, the door switch is in the working state, after receiving the attack of the intruder will be issued after the alarm sound and other phenomena; and when the switch part and the magnetic part of the interval Far, that is, the door or window is open, there is no forced intrusion phenomenon, the door switch is turned off.

Third, the door switch principle - - installation

Menci switch is installed in the home doors and windows, if necessary, do not have to find someone, we can start their own hands successfully. First, buy the door magnetic switch, and the door switch switch to install the location of wiping clean; Second, the use of screws will be part of the switch and the magnet part of the door and door frame fixed, pay attention to the location to correspond to the good; Finally, the two parts Cover plate installed. At this point, the door switch on the successful installation of friends.

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