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What should you install is the correct infrared detector
Nov 25, 2016

Widely used in infrared detectors in security engineering, which uses advanced signal analysis and processing technology, provides high performance detection and prevention of false positives. When intruders by detecting range, infra-red detectors automatically detect the body's activities in the region. If dynamic mobile phenomenon, infrared detector will send alarm signals to control host. However, due to the diversity of environment, as well as its normal use and its prevention of false negatives, to reduce false positives, or need to understand some basic concepts and technical characteristics of infrared detector. So, in the process of installing the infrared detector, need how to install is the correct one?

1, follow the instructions to properly install and use

Infrared detector installation height is not random, and will directly affect the sensitivity of the detector and pet-proof effect, if demanding, install the detector with pet-proof function. Also, do not touch the sensor surface, so as not to affect the sensitivity of the detector. If you need to clean the sensor, disconnect the power supply with a soft cloth with a little alcohol.

2, the choice of installation location

Infrared detectors to be installed in the intruders easily through the place. The mounting surface should be strong enough and does not vibrate. Should avoid installation in outdoor or near the air conditioner, heat near the Sun and direct sunlight, turning the object below. Induction effect of passive infrared detector is has a close relationship with temperature change, so installation location must be selected.

Also, do not install on glass Windows and doors. On glass Windows and doors there are two issues: one is the white-light interference, while the passive infrared detectors (PIR) White has a strong inhibition, but not 100% depressed. Not on glass Windows and doors, to avoid strong light interference. Second, avoid complex interference outside the doors and Windows, such as the Sun, people, mobility vehicles, and so on.

3, remove casing screws, open the front cover, inserting the batteries in the correct direction. In order to ensure the normal work of infrared detectors, detector power supply should be maintained, you must periodically walk test, it is recommended once a week.

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