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Alarm Detector Zigbee Common Fault Resolutions?
Oct 12, 2017

Alarm Detector Zigbee, as part of the security alarm system, has now contributed to the Alarm Detector Zigbee industry, but when the installation of the failure if the solution to how to solve it?
If you can not search the alarm alarm Detector Zigbee in the gas alarm system, first check whether the address code of the detector has been set. The address code of the detector is not allowed to repeat. In the same system, the detector can only have one address code, the external output input The address code of the module can be independent of the detector address and can be repeated. Check whether the connection of the detector in the gas alarm system is reversed. If the controller's GND and S2 are reversed in the long distance, it may cause the detector to search for incomplete problem. The end of the voltage is too low, with a multimeter to detect the line from the controller farthest from the controller of the supply voltage, the normal voltage should not be much lower than the controller output voltage, and should be stable, otherwise it may be because the end Poor power supply caused the detector to fail. Alarm Detector Zigbee does not search the detector, if the host does not search the detector will certainly not alarm, you should operate the host search detector. Check the spray test mode is correct, standard gas is normal, the test distance is too far, test the flow is appropriate.
The future development of Alarm Detector Zigbee will be digital and networked. Alarm Detector Zigbee after years of development, has entered a mature period, the product appearance from the original single simplification, to the present product appearance diversification, beautifully, to meet the needs of different customer groups. Alarm Detector Zigbee industry development trend, more and more tend to humanization, product integration function.
With the dramatic increase in people's living standards, in actual life, Alarm Detector Zigbee's technology can also be used to provide personalized alarm services. Has been for the development of China's elderly trend, the introduction of remote telephone care response system solutions. Through the Alarm Detector Zigbee host LCD screen, buttons, call keys and other features, the user button, do not need to call, you can directly with the security service center or family dialogue. The system can also immediately find the user fall, activities and other information, and a regular multi-function voice reminder function. In addition, the latest Alarm Detector Zigbee host system can also be based on the different needs of users, equipped with Bluetooth, the network technology.
Integration is a major development trend of security systems, Alarm Detector Zigbee naturally no exception. In fact, Alarm Detector Zigbee and image monitoring, access control systems and other security subsystems integration, early non-new things, and in recent years, because of its gradual application to the residential, community, and therefore began to combine the wisdom of home, but only Is the simplest, most basic integration. In addition can also be done such as Alarm Detector Zigbee and video monitoring linked to the current only use the hardware front-end detector output interface, and image monitoring alarm linked to the input interface, when connected, when abnormal circumstances, through Through the pre-set linked mode, the implementation of video alarm linkage to achieve image playback, hard disk video. Another example is the integration of information with the software platform, in addition to hardware integration, the software integration is the Alarm Detector Zigbee subsystem integration between the focus. In the system integration, the current key point is how to solve the information between the system interaction and processing.

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