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Analysis And Prospect Of Alarm Detector Zigbee
Jun 23, 2017

Analysis and Prospect of Alarm Detector Zigbee
 With the accelerated pace of building a well-off society in China, people's living standards have been greatly improved. At the same time, the mobility of the social population has increased greatly, and the social structure and social order are becoming more and more complicated. Therefore, Family life and property safety more and more attention. The traditional mechanical (anti-theft network, anti-theft window) home defense system in the actual use of exposure to a lot of hidden dangers, the state issued a "on the residential area to prohibit the installation of anti-theft network recommendations" that the anti-theft network has brought a lot of problems, The appearance of the city, the escape after the fire and the conditions for the criminals to provide over and so on, so the family security must have a new system, the new method to provide the appropriate solution.

Science and technology with each passing day, the popularity of computer technology in the world, intelligent community in the voice of people's rapid rise in the rapid rise, making the development of home security products have never been changed. Community security system has been from the local to the remote development, from the surrounding area to the core - the family gradually closer. The new intelligent home anti-theft wireless alarm detector in the sensor mainly through the head, infrared, gas, coal, glass broken and other wireless alarm detectors to sense the abnormal changes, when the sensor sensor to the abnormal situation, the police automatically Sent to the relevant departments and personnel, in order to get timely treatment, reduce casualties and property damage.

According to national statistics, China's rich class is taking shape, the family average annual income of more than 56,000 yuan population, population of 44.6 million people, more than 14 million households, accounting for 10% of the urban population, the total population of 3.5%, accounting for the whole society Purchasing power of about 5 trillion yuan of about 17%, so mainly for this part of the family of wireless alarm detectors its total market for 14 million units, the total market capacity of 28 billion yuan. It is in this case, the past two years, the family wireless alarm detector sales and total sales have shown a continuous upward trend, the annual growth rate of more than 30%, with the safety awareness of people will increase There are more people use wireless alarm detectors, in 2002 the total market reached nearly 1.4 billion level, the total number of sales of 700,000 sets. (See Figure 2 for market sales and sales).

Existing Alarm Detector Zigbees can be divided into network and single-family two categories. Network type is the community as the center of the community-based anti-theft alarm center, community security and management by the specialized property sector to deal with, the owners to reduce the worries. This is the major business for the business focus, because of its large coverage, users and more convenient to promote, mainly used in the new district, the user concept is easy to accept. Single-type is when the whole district in the anti-theft alarm did not form a unified view, and some users are willing to install, and some users do not want to install, then for those who want to install anti-theft wireless alarm detector users, you can use single-family structure, another Aspects, the old district transformation there are many problems, networking systems need to re-wiring, re-install, also need to single-family to the transition. So single-family system also has a considerable market share, which depends on the specific user's own quality and economic capacity.

The two kinds of wireless alarm detectors face the market products mainly include three kinds of information transmission: wired network transmission, wireless network transmission and public network transmission, which uses the existing public network (such as telephone network, broadband network) for information transmission (2) can be two-way contact; (3) can be multiple access alarm; (2) can be a two-way communication; (3) can be more than one, 4) can be remote disarm, armed; (5) on-site monitoring function; (6) can be used alone can also be used, which is the first two types of transmission can not be compared. In the civilian wireless alarm detectors, domestic and foreign use of this way more, the development of faster, and gradually formed a thriving situation.

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