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Analysis Of Smart Home Zigbee Causes False Positives, Only Effective And Safe Use
Jul 01, 2017

Analysis of Smart Home Zigbee causes false positives, only effective and safe use
Smart Home Zigbee false positives often bring unnecessary trouble to the security guards and users, especially to the police or security personnel, the alarm is loud, it is necessary to mobilize a large number of police force, resulting in time, human and material resources waste. But if the real invasion, the alarm has failed, not only cause personal injury or property damage, the user's use of the system will be greatly reduced.
So why is it going to have any false positives? The following by the carved security Xiaobian for everyone to analyze: 1, the user improper use: often some users do not use the home Smart Home Zigbee false positives. For example: the windows installed the door magnet detector before going to bed is not closed, the night was blown open; home people drink water, accidentally strayed into the warning area triggered an emergency alarm device; re-operation of the work process changes are led The reason for the system is false.
2, improper installation location: Some users do not read the instructions on the direct installation, or not in accordance with the instructions to the installation. Installation is not strong and the tilt is not appropriate; shielding measures should not be; home Smart Home Zigbee poor sensitivity adjustment and so on will also cause a lot of false positives.
3, environmental interference: because of the noise of the environment caused by home Smart Home Zigbee can not work under the conditions of false positives. For example: hot air caused by passive infrared intrusion detector false alarm; mice in the prevention area haunt; pets in the living room and so on.
4, the system design improper: equipment selection is the key to system design, and now a wide range of alarm equipment on the market, each with its own characteristics, the scope and limitations, improper selection will cause false alarm. For example: the passive infrared intrusion detector against the air conditioning, ventilation fan installation, will cause the system of false alarm; outdoor active infrared detector if not for the appropriate sun protection (with a sunshade of the best for protection), will Causing the system of false alarm and so on.
So to reduce the false alarm, starting from the air defense is essential. Which established the alarm information to confirm the mechanism can reduce the number of police. Alarm Center received the alarm information, the alarm should be issued by the host to confirm the signal that the center has been received, and the alarm host in the absence of confirmation signal should be re-issued. In the technical aspects, the use of a variety of means to confirm the alarm signal, such as the installation of multiple detectors (commonly used is dual infrared + infrared plus microwave), when multiple probes simultaneously detect the intrusion signal to the host to send an alarm signal , Thereby reducing false positives.
In the early stage of the installation of Smart Home Zigbee, we have to try to choose those who are good reputation manufacturers to produce, to avoid the original Smart Home Zigbee itself misstatement of the situation, the other point, for the Smart Home Zigbee in the installation process problems We also want to avoid, try to use those professional construction team to install, so that you can fundamentally reduce the alarm due to the installation environment, location, angle of the false negative behavior.
Smart Home Zigbee itself, in different occasions under different needs we have to choose different types of Smart Home Zigbee to install, we will combine the anti-human defense and technology, so that Smart Home Zigbee play their own excellent performance, so as to Protect our homeland.
   So as a professional intelligent security products business, Jianrui security home intelligent home ZigBee, Menci alarm, smart home, Menci, and other intelligent security products. Before using the product, you must correctly understand the alarm of the false positives in order to better serve consumers. The use of features on the alarm may be more in-depth understanding, thereby reducing the alarm false positives problems, better display the role of the alarm in the work, good service users.

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