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Choose The Importance Of A Good Panic Button
Jul 19, 2017

Choose the importance of a good Panic Button

Nowadays, the widespread popularity and increasing of home appliances, although make home life convenient a lot, but also bring a lot of trouble to the child. The authoritative data shows that the accidental injury accidents caused by Panic Buttons are increasing year by year, and "children's electricity safety" has become a popular social topic! As a matter of fact, it is difficult to complete the "last pass" of domestic electricity use, such as Panic Button and plug

Hiding, children are easily accessible. Many children will them as my "toy", holding the felt around, with his fingers back and forth in the Panic Button jack excavation, many beginning ability strong king "damage", more will use tweezers, blade to remove the "tools", use lighter to burn... And so on.

Under such premise, the harm of inferior Panic Button appears particularly obvious. The less known and inferior brand, no brand, fake Panic Button in order to lower the price, to attract consumers, and one thousand ways to save materials, reduce cost, cut corners in the each link, often in use process, brought many hidden dangers to children: first of all, the inferior Panic Button without any security protection measures, kids and easy to get an electric shock; Second, inferior poor Panic Button raw material temperature resistance and low flame retardant ability, long-term work easy fever burning, contact with open flame burns easily, not only easy to burn when children play, use combustion such as lighter and may cause a large fire; Again, inferior to rough Panic Button manufacturing, product sharp edges and corners, burr phenomenon is widespread, compression and impact resistant ability is insufficient, the children broke up easily burst, bolt looseness and at the same time, easy removal, children are easy to be cut...

In addition, many families use the power supply Panic Buttons that are older and have serious security risks to the family. Many netizens believe that the life of the Panic Button is very long and the general Panic Button can be used properly. In fact, the idea is completely wrong. As a professional switch Panic Button manufacturer, hongju electronics gives you the following seven safety hazards:

The first, the Panic Button is compressed by the flammable substance or the dust falls into the short circuit, or is installed in the flammable and explosive dangerous place, insert or unplug the plug when the spark caused explosion fire;

The second, the plug damage does not change in time, replace the plug with bare line head, cause short circuit or spark, cause combustible fire;

Thirdly, some of the headstock switches will be released after use, and the switch will hit the bedstead or wall so that the outer insulating layer is broken, which can cause short circuit.

Fourth, the working voltage and working current of the household appliances are not consistent with the power of the Panic Button, and the long-term overload, once the temperature is too high, causes fire;

Fifth, Panic Button switch installed improperly, especially placed the switch on flammable objects, once the wire draw out of the sheath is abrade, will make the wire core nudity or water vapor infiltration, caused by short circuit, or fire arc generated when the switch breaks;

Sixth, the distribution board is not placed in the junction box, when the fuse is fused, the hot metal particles splash-down, causing the fuel to burn below.

Seventh, Panic Button family use of combustible gas pipe or valve leakage, the combustible gas and air mixture reach a certain limit, not eliminate arc opening and closing device of electric switch, can produce sparks.

Parents and parents can't keep an eye on their children all the time, so if the Panic Button doesn't qualify, it can lead to a variety of injuries! A good Panic Button with children's safety features can maximize the safety of children, which is the "hardware guarantee"! Then, choose a "good Panic Button" to prevent these injuries from happening very much.

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