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Difference Between Intelligent Home And Home Automation
Nov 25, 2016

Take a look at the smart home

Home automation and home automation is usually used interchangeably with, is a relationship between species, in short, home automation is only one part of the intelligent home, and all combinations of smart homes is a home automation equipment, relying on wired or wireless communication technologies, such as WiFi, all z-Wave automation equipment to connect, to automate all device is able to communicate. Via remote, controls at home and outside the home.

This type of equipment such as automatic dimming modules can be adjusted remote light automatically switches, can remotely switch webcam, remote control; air-conditioning control panel, can be programmed and remote control, and so on. Any device at home, you can use the remote to operate, this is called a smart home. Each single device is called the home automation equipment.

Then take a look at home automation

Home automation devices can work automatically, according to the different events that trigger different work or work in accordance with set procedures. To automate our daily affairs.

Some examples:

You have not opened the door of home, you can use mobile phones to turn on the living room lights, this is smart home at work. In your smart home control panel, that make up a program, you opened the door after the House lights would light up, or after the sun goes down, the home of the lights light up, this is a home automation.

So, smart home allows us to connect all your home automation devices work together, triggered by a key, enabling them to work. For example, tea pot begins to boil water, light starts to open, the air conditioner. To do this, your home automation devices must be able to communicate. Like all the z-wave logo of home automation devices can communicate.

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