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How Do You Buy An Sirens?
Sep 22, 2017

How do you buy an Sirens?
      As the popularity of modern technology, so that the previous very mysterious anti-theft Sirens began to enter the ordinary family, we choose for the family when people should be home intelligent anti-theft Sirens that the choice of what function of the amount of money? Here's a brief introduction to what we should pay attention to when buying a family burglar Sirens.
      The first part of the family intelligent anti-theft Sirens is the basic components of the Sirens by the host, a variety of defense probes, user operating components, etc., from its role can be divided into detection part, field processing part, follow-up part, The main types of probes are Menci, active infrared detectors, emergency pushbuttons, flammable gas probes. Passive infrared detectors and so on, these parts constitute the detection part of the Sirens, and has a live Sirens and automatically dial the pre-set telephone Sirens function of the Sirens host and telephone lines, dedicated data is composed of the composition of the field processing, follow-up processing section.
      Second, the family of intelligent anti-theft Sirens installation point of view, can be divided into two types of wired and wireless, wired with stable communication, resistance to external harassment ability, small investment characteristics, very suitable for just completed and already in the wall Leaving the connection of the building, but its lack of flexibility is mainly poor, can not meet the changing needs of users, for those who have installed the construction is a very troublesome thing.
      Wireless Sirenss can avoid the above situation, the Sirens has a flexible and simple features, its shortcomings are mainly vulnerable to external interference and investment is relatively high shortcomings. From the function of the product, it can be divided into on-site Sirens and self-Sirens, the Sirens on-site Sirens means that when the theft occurred, the probe will detect the signal transmitted to the host, the host after the audio Sirens sound, Have a certain deterrent effect. Automatic telephone Sirens not only has the function of on-site Sirens, but also automatically dial the number we have set, but also speak a detailed description of the specific location of the police. The use of this feature, and community security and Sirens center can form an Sirens LAN center, we choose according to our family area, family construction, the surrounding specific conditions and family members and other factors into consideration as part of the processing, follow-up part.
Now people's living standards are constantly improving, then the security issues are more and more attention, which security issues have become very concerned about the issue, more and more families began to pay attention to family safety issues, and this security issues Including personal safety and property security, then how can we ensure the safety of the family? The most effective is the anti-theft Sirens.
Before a lot of families are to protect their own security, are home to install anti-theft network, but the traditional home defense systems are actually used to expose a lot of hidden dangers. And the traditional mechanical anti-theft methods (security doors, security windows, etc.) in the actual application will be a lot of drawbacks. These drawbacks are mainly manifested in:
1, the market a lot of anti-theft network quality, but off, making the theft of frequent incidents
2, more likely to bring the child to the security risks
3, thieves use of violent means, the traditional anti-theft mode failure.
4, for criminals to provide over the conditions
So, relative to the traditional way of anti-theft, intelligent anti-theft Sirens in the end what the pros and cons?
The so-called anti-theft Sirens is the 21st century emerging electronic anti-theft Sirens, it can change the traditional anti-theft mode of passive anti-theft, and then from passive to active. In this case, once the home has a thief invasion, then the Sirens detector will be inside the induction, so the scene will siren sounding, and then intimidate the thief. But also to remotely notify the owner of the phone, even if the user is not at home, you can also get the police intelligence. Compared to the anti-theft network, has a very big advantage.

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