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How Does The Magnetic Contact Switch Prevent Interference And How It Is Normally Maintained
Jun 01, 2017

Magnetic Contact How to prevent interference and how to maintain the magnetic contact, magnetic contact switch from the installation and technology to take measures to eliminate the interference 1, a reasonable choice of grounding Many mechanical and electrical integration products, from design ideas to the specific circuit principle is more perfect. But at the work site is often unable to work properly, exposing many of the problems caused by the unreasonable installation process, so that the system is easy to accept interference, which must be given enough attention. Such as the choice of the correct way to consider the ground connection point and the DC grounding point separation; to ensure that the logic of floating (that is, the logic of the control device and the earth is not between the conductor connection); to ensure that the fuselage, the safe grounding of the cabinet Quality; even separate the analog circuit ground and digital circuit grounding and so on. 2, shielded cable to prevent electric field interference Users in the choice of magnetic contact switch cable, you can use shielded cable. In this case, it is possible to reduce the interference of the magnetic contact switch to a certain extent, but if the user purchases

  Magnetic Contact Magnetic contact switch products do not use shielded wire, you can personally manually signal line with a metal mesh wrapped up, then, in the exposed part of the cable with a layer of insulator. In this way, you can effectively prevent the interference of the electric field, so that the signal line to a corresponding degree of electromagnetic shielding. 3, a reasonable choice of reasonable choice of power supply The anti-interference system is also essential. Power is an important source of external interference. Practice has proved that the interference noise introduced through the power supply is multi-channel, such as the control device in the various types of switches frequently closed or broken, all kinds of inductive coils (including motors, relays, contactors and solenoid valves, etc.) Thyristor power supply and high-frequency, intermediate frequency power supply and other systems in the switching device on and off and so will cause interference, the interference amplitude can reach instantaneous kilovolt-class, and occupy a wide frequency. Obviously, in order to completely inhibit such a wide range of interference, must be on the AC power and DC power to take measures at the same time. A lot of practice shows that the use of varistor and low-pass filter can make the frequency range of 20kHz ~ 100MHz between the interference greatly reduced. The use of isolation transformers and power transformer shielding layer can eliminate the interference below 20kHz, and in order to eliminate the slow changes in AC voltage control system impact, can take AC voltage regulator and other measures.

  Magnetic Contact For DC power is usually considered as much as possible to increase the power supply power and voltage adjustment range. In order to make the equipment can adapt to the load in a wide range of changes and to prevent internal noise caused by power supply interference, the machine must have a large amount of power reserves, and have good dynamic characteristics. Used to choose the general 0.5 to 1 times the margin. In addition, try to use DC power supply. DC power supply can not only further inhibit the interference from the AC power network, but also can inhibit the load changes caused by the DC voltage fluctuations in the circuit. 4, reasonable layout of the mechanical and electrical integration equipment and various parts of the system to a reasonable layout, can effectively prevent the harm of electromagnetic interference. Reasonable layout of the basic principle is to interfere with the source of interference as far as possible away from the input and output ports properly separated, high-level cable and pulse leads and low-level cable were laid and so on. Users are using

  Magnetic contact switch products, in order to reduce the line and the line between the signal interference, the need for a reasonable wiring. Thus, in case the conditions permit, need to try to

  The signal lines of the magnetic contact switches are laid separately from the power supply lines and the use of the same cable is not allowed for the power and signal lines. The best way is to reverse the current flow of the two lines, and the two can not use the same line hole connected to the magnetic contact switch. How does the magnetic contact switch maintain the problem: Since the magnetic contact switch is often in the operating state, we must maintain the inspection regularly to prevent the switch from malfunctioning. 1. Check the magnetic contact switch working environment, keep the environment dry, the normal temperature can be. 2. Inspect the wire for damage or damage to the wire can cause poor insulation or wire break. If wire damage is found, replace the switch or repair the wire. 3. Install the small screw in the sensor switch to prevent the sensor switch is loose or the location of the shift; if an offset has occurred, should be re-adjusted to the correct position and then tighten the small screws

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