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How To Adjust The Alarm Value Of Alarm Detector Zigbee
Nov 03, 2017

How to adjust the alarm value of Alarm Detector Zigbee
Liquefied petroleum gas alarm, civil and industrial use, have placed in the canteen kitchen lights liquefied gas leaks for the detection of gas concentration changes, a large canteen security awareness should be strengthened, according to the upper and lower explosive limits of liquefied petroleum gas, To adjust the Alarm Detector Zigbee alarm values, liquefied petroleum gas is a flammable material, the air content reaches a certain concentration range, the case of fire that explode.
Home is the most dependent place for everyone, is the most memorable place for everyone, Alarm Detector Zigbee is everyone's soul harbor, perhaps only their own home can give their greatest happiness in life, the most real warmth. With the improvement of living standards today, some harmful substances have also appeared. The indoor pollution has caused us a layer of barriers to our home. How to make these indoor pollution, toxic substances away from us, give us a warm and healthy home? In this issue, we talked about the Alarm Detector Zigbee tiles in the home improvement and how we should choose home improvement building materials.
Environmental problems are easier said than done, Alarm Detector Zigbee During the renovation of the house some of the harmful gases always stay in our room, sometimes choking people are breathless, the biggest toxin is methanol, A long time to absorb this odor, will bring great harm to the human body, many people are suffering from cancer because of breathing of methanol, so if we want our home safe and healthy, we must be "green" In the end.
Recently, a kind of "carcinogenic" ceramic tile on the internet has been on the internet for its uproar. It is reported that AQSIQ has supervised spot-checking of 364 kinds of ceramic tile products produced by 272 enterprises in 8 provinces of Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces. , Found that 97 kinds of products failed. Among them, Alarm Detector Zigbee most people is nervous that there are three tiles in the radionuclide limits unqualified. Experts also said that tiles containing radionuclide exceeded, if long-term human radiation, will increase the chances of cancer. This appraisal so that more new homeowners are frightened, it seems that the issue of buying ceramic tile decoration is really not the effect.
Alarm Detector Zigbee as part of the security alarm system, has now contributed to the burglar alarm industry, but when installed in the event of a failure how to solve it?
If it is impossible to search the Alarm Detector Zigbee in the gas alarm system, first check whether the address code of the detector is set and the address code of the detector is forbidden to set repeatedly. In the same system, the detector can only have one address code. The external output input The module's address code can be independent of the probe address and can be repeated. Check the gas alarm system in the detector connection line with or without reverse, in the long distance if the controller GND and S2 connected to each other may cause the detector search incomplete, should pay special attention. The terminal voltage is too low. Use a multimeter to detect the power supply voltage of the detector furthest from the controller. The normal voltage should not be much lower than the controller output voltage, and should be stable. Otherwise, Bad power supply caused by the detector does not work properly. Alarm Detector Zigbee did not find the detector, if the host did not find the detector will certainly not alarm, you should operate the host search probe. Check the spray test operation is correct, the standard gas is normal, the test distance is too far, the test flow is appropriate.

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