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How To Install Smart Burglar Sirens?
Nov 03, 2017

How to install smart burglar Sirens?
As technology advances, criminals are committed to committing crimes and some seemingly indestructible anti-theft doors are useless to criminals. Shandong, Anhui and other places have been cracked burglary gangs, criminals took the online purchase of tin foil in less than 20 seconds quickly opened the security door.
For a long time, the anti-theft system of the family is mostly based on civil air defense and material defense (such as anti-theft door and iron guardrail). If the conditions are right, the technique prevention means will receive a multiplier effect. You can use the following anti-technology equipment:
1. Install an infrared burglar Sirens, which can emit invisible infrared light when it is in working condition. As soon as a person enters the light control range, the device immediately gives an Sirens sound. If a thief enters, the resident can immediately find it. Thieves do not know themselves, often confined.
2. Install smart GSM burglar Sirens, the user installed this Sirens device, in case of dangerous situations (such as burglary), press the Sirens will be set up by pre-set procedures to issue an Sirens, the police station Sirens immediately automatically shows the user The exact address, the police can quickly get out of the police to reach the scene.
Home burglar Sirens is a physical method or electronic technology that automatically detects the invasion occurred in the deployment of monitoring area, generating Sirens signals and alert the duty personnel Sirens occurred in the area, showing the possible countermeasures system. Sirens host is to prevent robbery, theft and other accidents of important facilities. In the event of an emergency, you can sound and light Sirens signals in the security control center accurately shows the place of the accident so that emergency measures can be taken promptly. Burglar Sirens host and entrance control system, closed-circuit television monitoring system, visitor intercom system and electronic patrol system together constitute a security system.
Many people think that as long as the selection of a good function of a burglar Sirens, and then install it on it. Cut security vendors tell you: "Function is very important, but the installation of a direct impact on its function can not play a role" Installation is also very particular.
Installation site
Burglar Sirens installed in any place, it will directly affect the effect it will achieve. If the burglar Sirens installed in the wrong place, not only failed to reach the Sirens effect, and reinstall the disassembly have to spend a lot of effort. So the installation site is the first place. When installing the burglar Sirens, the host must be installed in the power cord, telephone line place. In addition, the installation must be easy to route, the wireless Sirens host is preferably installed in the center of all the detectors for easy signal acceptance, to avoid bad channel. Finally, the burglar Sirens is a high-frequency launch of electronic products, easy to be the magnetic interference of large appliances, it is best to install a large distance away from the big appliances.
Material selection
After selecting the installation location, you have to start selecting the product. First of all, for the burglar Sirens host selection, customers will undoubtedly choose the famous brand, quality assurance of the host. However, in the same time as the host, people will always ignore the same important thing, that is the pipeline. In many cases, in order to save costs, customers are always "so-so" on their pipeline, paying little attention to them and laying deeper security risks. Many highly skilled thieves will choose to destroy the pipeline to achieve the purpose of the burglar Sirens failure.

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