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How To Install The Anti-theft Panic Button Correctly
Jul 01, 2017

How to install the anti-theft Panic Button correctly
More and more households in the decoration of the new home, will choose to install some anti-theft Panic Button, let alone say that this alarm system will not be used, but in the heart has been on their own a security lock, but There are a lot of people how to correctly install the anti-theft Panic Button has some doubts, do not know how to correctly install the anti-theft Panic Button, the following Xiaobian to tell you several principles to help you correct and beautiful to install your home anti-theft Panic Button The So, what exactly is it installed better?
 The first step is to install the location: install the anti-theft alarm system, the first point is to choose the location of the installation, to ensure that the system signal is well received, and not subject to external interference caused by false positives, if the installation site is not appropriate On the store anti-theft play a double effect. Many times, there are many users to buy Panic Button directly installed in the more prominent place, meaning to scare thieves, but the reality is very different.
The second step, select the equipment: anti-theft Panic Button selection is very important, so in the choice of time can not be blind. In the selection of equipment, when not only pay attention to the host and other large parts, but also look at the quality of the pipeline, do not let the security device there are security risks. A lot of professional thieves for the understanding of security equipment has been beyond our imagination, skilled thieves can easily crack it. So we should pay attention to the anti-theft alarm equipment concealed way, do not give the perpetrators to destroy the target and create anti-alarm conditions.
The third step, concealed installation: Some people want to install to the more obvious place to play a deterrent effect, but the fact is the opposite. Because the thieves will go through careful planning, to avoid the store anti-theft equipment, there is the possibility that thieves will destroy the supermarket anti-theft system, not only the loss of goods and system damage, but also increase the cost of loss. Be sure to remember the above three points to install anti-theft Panic Button, so that thieves have come back, fully show the role of shopping Panic Button.
Modern home decoration, in considering the same at the same time to consider whether the requirements for anti-theft. In the decoration at the same time, the design will be beautiful and safe integration as a whole, so that not only to achieve a more perfect decoration standards, but also live comfort, peace of mind.
 Anti-theft Panic Button into the tens of thousands of households, in order to achieve better anti-theft effect, anti-theft Panic Button installation location is still very important. The user in the installation of more attention to the installation location, in order to make anti-theft Panic Button at home when no one to protect the family property security, so that you go out there is no worries.
Burglar alarm system installation is a complex process, because of its work principle determines the installation of the particularity, and often it is easy to be easy to overlook, and with the camera installed profit factor, this from the technology, profit And so on are far from all aspects. So we can see from the design and installation of anti-theft alarm system, we must do a good job in the planning and design work.
Read the above description, we must have learned to install the anti-theft Panic Button method, right? It can be a good protection of each of us life and property security, in the face of thieves, robbers, who forced into the home when the automatic alarm, is indeed your personal and family protection of the best choice. After learning how to install the method, quickly put your hands in the Panic Button to install, put it!

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