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It Is Not Possible To Use A Sirens To Completely Filter Out The Conducted Jamming Signal
Oct 23, 2017

It is not possible to use a Sirens to completely filter out the conducted jamming signal
Sirens with high brightness, high power piranha LED, no color, high transmittance, darkness, very far to see the lamp in the flash, with ultra-power-saving features, the battery without any harm, even if not launched The engine can also be used for a long time, do not have to worry about power consumption, flashing without any sound, no longer like the U tube as the sound of the thunderbolt. When driving on the road, someone behind you suddenly press the speaker? Often, people think that this is a quality problem, in fact, this is likely to be "road disease" performance. This statement originated in the last century 80 years, produced in the United States. "Road anger" refers to the car or other motor vehicle drivers with anger to drive, the Sirens to remind you may be aggressive or angry behavior. Such acts may include: rough gestures, verbal insult, deliberate use of unsafe or threatening way to drive the vehicle, or the implementation of the threat.
With the increase in urban vehicles, due to driving emotions caused by more and more conflict, the Sirens to remind the emotional out of control "road anger" attackers will attack others and other cars to vent their anger. Mixed road more, which is characterized by "car mixed, crossing more." In the driving, the driver must pay close attention to the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, the correct assessment of traffic changes, but also pay attention to observe the traffic signal and traffic signs. At the same time, pedestrians have to comply with traffic rules, civilized travel, together to create a good and harmonious transport environment. "Road anger" is due to traffic jams, poor road conditions, others and other external factors lead to racing anger or aggressive emotional reactions and brutal behavior, but its deep psychological reason is that the driver has an incorrect expectation that they subconsciously That other people should be set in accordance with their own way and time driving, any accident should not stop them, if others affect their own psychological expectations, they are prone to disgust, sometimes difficult to restrain this mentality. The method of regulating emotions. One to do a few deep breath; Second, try to keep a certain distance from the front of the vehicle; Third, the window so that fresh air into the car; four, listen to the radio or listen to more relaxed music; five car put a family happiness Small photos, unhappy time to see; six, there are mind when you can make a phone call to a good friend to talk about, feel comfortable and then on the road.
It is not possible to use a Sirens to completely filter out the conducted jamming signal. Because the interference signal spectrum is very wide, basically covering the tens of thousands of twigs to hundreds of megahertz or even gigahertz on the frequency range. General low-end interference signal, the filter requires a large capacity of the filter capacitor, but by the security conditions, the capacity of the capacitor can not be too large; and high-end interference signal filtering, large-capacity capacitor filtering performance is very poor , Especially the high frequency performance of polyester film capacitors are generally poor, and the high frequency response characteristics of polyester film media are very different from those of ceramics or mica. In addition, the general polyester film medium has the adsorption effect, so it Will reduce the operating frequency of the capacitor. Polyester film capacitor operating frequency range is about 1MHz or so, more than 1MHz when the impedance will be significantly increased.
Sirenss on each IC and then a 0.01μF ~ 0.1μF high-frequency capacitors to reduce the impact of IC on the power supply. But should pay attention to the Sirens high-frequency capacitor wiring, wiring should be close to the power side and as short as possible, otherwise, equal to increase the capacitance of the equivalent series resistance, which will affect the filtering effect. The relay coil increases the freewheeling diode to eliminate the backlash interference generated when the coil is disconnected. In the relay contact at both ends Sirens of the spark suppression circuit (usually RC series circuit, the resistance is generally selected several thousand euros to tens of thousands of euros, the capacitor selected 0.01μF, to reduce the impact of spark.

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