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Panic Button Market Demand Analysis Needs Or Gimmick?
Sep 22, 2017

Panic Button market demand analysis needs or gimmick?
With the development of science and technology of the times, things also gradually enjoys popular support. "Smart" is also inseparable from the "home". Panic Button is a leading technology development advantages, in the future of a peak of the peak of home. In many cases, "smart" and "home" is "hard", together, such as other home appliances switch transplanted in the TV remote control, intelligent and not enough, not only fail to "understand the intimate" level, and The effect of the connection with the user expect the effect of deviation, making some users of the "smart" enthusiasm cooling. Followed by the following Panic Button manufacturers Xiaobian to read this hot spot.
When the "all things" bottleneck, the technical value of artificial intelligence began to reflect. People began to look forward to completely artificial intelligent Panic Button, that is to abandon the phone, to the Panic Button to install a more intelligent artificial brain, completely liberated man control the home, so that all the home has the ability to understand the user's mind. But many times, "smart" and "home" is "hard", together, such as the switch to other home appliances in the TV remote control, intelligent and not enough, not only fail to "understand the intimate" level, And the effect of the connection with the user expect the effect of deviation, making some users of the "smart" enthusiasm cooling. Panic Button in the end is just need or gimmick?
 First, the Panic Button investment tends to rational
More and more capital in 2013 entered the Panic Button market, reaching its peak in 2016. Compared with 2015, the number of Panic Button investment growth rate fell 54.55%, the amount of the chain growth of 100.49%. Therefore, the number of entry into the Panic Button market less and less capital investment began to cool, investors tend to rational. However, the amount of financing increased exponentially, there are still many investors believe that the Panic Button market still has a good potential.
  Second, the consumer Panic Button personalized, high precision needs
The direction and amount of capital inflows reflect the strong confidence that investors have the potential for Panic Button market. What is the Panic Button in the consumer community?
The data show that 72.7% of the respondents believe that Panic Button should be customized according to individual needs, personalized. In the function, remote monitoring, security control and personal health management become the respondents concerned about the higher function. Consumers are considering factors when buying Panic Button products.
 Third, Panic Button landing where?
1, user groups dislocation, Panic Button facing dilemma embarrassing situation
Performance automation, fun high-tech, app a key to get, all aimed at the young group of the market, 80,90 after this new technology bored, but because of the high cost of Panic Button, making consumer groups locked in the high-end crowd, and can pay From the urgent need for high construction and maintenance costs, there is undoubtedly a certain economic strength groups. However, this part of the people more than 60,70, the "smart" concept and not much interest, and even worried about the installation of an unknown company on the phone APP, with its home appliances, door locks or payment equipment terminals Link, there will be a lot of risk, security is low. Therefore, the Panic Button user positioning is very embarrassing, because of economic, security and other factors, no matter which group of Panic Button product demand is not as expected, is led to its once hot but stagnant important reason.
2, intelligent hardware terminals can not communicate with each other, poor user experience
Panic Button in the market for a long time, but has not seen landing molding, brand operators continue to play "user experience" card, but still failed to seize the user's heart. In the final analysis, or the home system equipment terminals can not interoperate the problem. Right now, this is a huge challenge for the entire Panic Button device market. At present, most of the different brands and their end products are not compatible with each other, it is difficult to establish a unified intelligent home automation control network center. Smart users must use different applications on their smartphones to control different devices, and consumers experience greatly discounted. Moreover, the industry not only did not have a leader to the different terminals, equipment, the background of a unified coordination, and even the lack of a recognized concept of Panic Button, coupled with the third party life service system is not perfect, at this stage want users to interest into habit Demand, still need time.

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