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Precautions For Panic Button Installation
Aug 22, 2017

Precautions for Panic Button installation

     The Panic Button is primarily intended to give the user the option to install the Panic Button position to be able to use the Panic Button most efficiently. Carefully consider the impact of the Panic Button itself from the sound of the human ear to the impact of the Panic Button sound transmission factors can make the Panic Button in the community to achieve the optimal effect of the alarm. Experience shows that a person with a normal hearing can hear at least the same amount of sound as the ambient noise. Experience also tells us that the factory area surrounding noise is usually 90 dB.

     Therefore, for a factory area can hear the signal strength of the signal is also about equal to 90 dB. In this case, signals at any location below 90 dB are considered not to be within the effective range of the Panic Button. Wind speed and wind direction also often affect the sound coming from the Panic Button. Therefore, in the choice of an Panic Button system to choose the installation site, the prevailing wind direction should also be considered within the scope.

     For example, if the prevailing wind direction is from the West, we can put the Panic Button in the Panic Button on the west side of the effective range. Other factors to consider include the availability of power supplies, ease of installation and maintenance, and the height of the surrounding obstacles.

Hand pressing the Panic Button is through the manual rotation of the handle, the gear box drive step by step acceleration, and then driven by the drive block wheel high-speed operation. When the high-speed operation is carried out during the high-speed operation, the resonance of the absorbed air produces a high-speed high-pressure to the fixed window of the fixed wheel at the same time.

 The principle of the traditional Panic Button is to use vibration sensor, once the sensor to accept the vibration of the signal will automatically alarm. In this way, thunder rains, or cats and dogs touch, or even stop the other vehicle alarm, may cause the alarm response.

   Because it is hand Panic Button, hand the primary speed determines the Panic Button sound effect. Speed and sound effect is proportional, relatively speaking, the higher the speed the greater the sound. It is different between people to shake the Panic Button. People's height, strength of the size, the speed of shaking and so are the impact of the Panic Button sound effect of the direct factors, so we made a macro here, shake the primary speed can not be less than 90r / min, otherwise it should reach The sound effect.

   1. Used in conjunction with the gas appliance

This is the combustible gas Panic Button and gas appliances such as gas water heaters, cookers, hoods and other connection to use, when there is gas leak, the Panic Button action sound and light alarm, while the output electrical signal. If the exhaust hood, then connected to the exhaust hood power, out of the leakage of gas, such as with the water heater or cooker connection, then by connecting the solenoid valve connected to the solenoid valve to achieve the role of cutting gas. There is also an Panic Button is directly connected with the gas meter, when the alarm is through the gas meter in the solenoid valve action to achieve the role of cutting off the gas

      2. Apartment building centralized control

This is the most typical application of combustible gas alarms in civilian use, as long as the residential building with a building manager can be used in this way. The Panic Button is installed in each residential unit and outputs a signal that is connected to the centralized monitoring disk connected to the duty room. Once a gas leak occurs in a unit, the combustible gas Panic Button operates and outputs the signal immediately.

3. Used alone

This is the most simple use of combustible gas Panic Button, when the combustible gas leak to a certain concentration, the Panic Button sound and light alarm, this alarm requires someone to take immediate measures to manually cut off the gas source.

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