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Smart Home Zigbee Favored Smart Home Zigbee Aimed At The User's Individual Needs
Sep 22, 2017

Smart Home Zigbee favored Smart Home Zigbee aimed at the user's individual needs
  As people's awareness of this technology deepened, the future Smart Home Zigbee function will certainly increase. For those who want to think about the function, the modern Smart Home Zigbee system all realized, this is the charm of science and technology lies. Modern people continue to sum up experience, find the best home solution, so that technology can be better service with human. For the modern home life, warm sweet is no longer the mainstream trend, replaced by intelligent home life. The reason people will choose Smart Home Zigbee, because when they understand the Smart Home Zigbee function, will be impressed by this high-tech applications.
Smart Home Zigbee is very powerful, with a powerful intelligent system, including automatic curtain system, digital cinema system, intelligent security system, and so a series of functions. So that users can move their fingers to complete some of the trivial little things in the home life. Like automatic closing doors, automatic watering feed, automatic switching appliances, etc., are Smart Home Zigbee system where the charm, so that modern people are no longer troubled by the small life in the home, get free liberation.
 With the continuous development of network technology, information, digital and intelligent gradually penetrate into all aspects of people's lives. Family, as the most basic social life, the most intimate group units, its intelligence has also been more and more attention, wisdom, life gradually into the people. Following the Smart Home Zigbee manufacturers Xiaobian look at this news.
Many companies competing layout or towards the Smart Home Zigbee direction transformation, increased the promotion of HomeKit efforts, Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Zigbee platform, as well as many innovative companies to participate in, so that the wisdom of life scenes into the people of the family. However, in the Internet of Things senior Yang Jianyong view, although many companies in the active promotion of intelligent life landing, from this year's CES to AWE, Smart Home Zigbee continued the hot scenes of many exhibitions, however, users still question the Smart Home Zigbee, which Most users believe that building a Smart Home Zigbee cost is too high, and the industry is still intelligent single product-based, and there is no real sense of the whole set of Smart Home Zigbee solution.
(A) Smart Home Zigbee into a luxury life?
Recently in the enterprise Q & A platform to see a few on the Smart Home Zigbee aspects of the problem, from which users can see the Smart Home Zigbee understanding of a greater deviation, the first price, for example, the user said, if you do not consider the economic reasons, you will Choose to install Smart Home Zigbee? In fact, the user still stay in the realization of intelligent quality of life is more luxury.
Home to install a variety of intelligent devices, in order to form a Smart Home Zigbee life, the price is still controllable, but the choice to be cautious, industry enterprises uneven. However, to achieve the wisdom of the family life, the primary consideration is the interconnection of the equipment in the family, if the "home improvement" before the choice, in the design of science and technology tend to experience the main, this will greatly save a variety of costs, Equipment to buy, to kitchen and other living equipment, choose to focus on the wisdom of life under the ecological system.
 (B) Smart Home Zigbee uneven
Intelligent home ZigBee life, and now, the user is still understood as "smart single product", need to install a variety of APP control, if you buy a lot of smart devices, and then download a variety of equipment APP, the user is not the wisdom of life scenes, but become A burden, so many ordinary users that the current market is not a system and a comprehensive Smart Home Zigbee manufacturers.
First of all, lead to this phenomenon is the industry's products are uneven, lack of experience, in particular, many manufacturers still stay in the concept of stage, in fact, only the product to achieve an intelligent upgrade, did not achieve the interconnection of equipment, As well as in the use of the scene, but also rely on a variety of APP implementation. In this hope that many manufacturers in the industry to throw a gimmick to the user practical application of the scene, the real wisdom for the user to quickly landing the scene.
Second, the reasons for the user to stay in the smart single product era, is the industry can achieve a variety of scenes of intelligent life of the ecological manufacturers caused by insufficient publicity, or not well guided, such as HomeKit platform, with the number of devices supported Improve, and now also began to pay attention to HomeKit publicity work, and recently in Beijing, there is the use of HomeKit to build a Smart Home Zigbee experience.

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