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Smart Home Zigbee Industry Status Analysis
Jun 16, 2017

Smart Home Zigbee industry status analysis

1, the automation sector in 2016 to complete the more extension of mergers and acquisitions, the assets of the table on the overall profit growth contributed. After deducting this part of the impact, most of the key aspects of the link is still a good growth, which mainly benefited from: 1) last year, electric vehicle production continued to maintain substantial growth in the automation business drive business significantly heavy volume; 2) real estate heating drive traditional automation equipment demand There is a slight rebound in market share to the leading trend is increasingly clear. To Huichuan, for example, the company in the first three quarters of last year, industrial automation related products to achieve new orders of 2.3 billion, up 26% year on year growth, early market expectations. Excluding the two stimuli, the electric car business did not achieve an effective breakthrough in the second-tier automation performance growth significantly behind the distribution of enterprises is the worst performance. For the year 2017, we believe that the rebound in the traditional automation market can be maintained for 1-2 quarters, the trend of increasing the share of the share will continue; the motor electronics market will be mainly increased by the commercial vehicle to the logistics vehicle transfer, the overall demand to maintain growth, but The growth rate fell more than in 2016.

2, Smart Home Zigbee market performance in 2016 as two major features: 1) less than expected in the tender, but the demand for external network is still better; 2) equipment prices fell more obvious. Overall, the overall growth of the industry lower than expected, Heshun Electric, Aotex and other major rely on outsourcing core components, and then assembled sales of corporate performance in general. The company is mainly in the constant electrical, Keshi Da and other leading, this is because the company can produce Smart Home Zigbee core module to protect the profitability level; the second is its own main business growth More robust. Judgment 2017 grid company Smart Home Zigbee bid amount will be improved, but only part of the leading enterprises can benefit.

3, Smart Home Zigbee internal business in the first three quarters of 2015, a significant decline in performance, mainly involved in the power grid audit, personnel adjustment and other factors, equipment delivery significantly delayed. This situation continued to improve in 2016, the annual plate recorded a resumption of growth. In view of the enterprises, it is noted that the growth rate of the leading companies in the State Grid Series is at the forefront (the highest growth rate of the long high group is mainly due to nearly 40 million in net profit in 2016 from PV EPC), which is benefiting from Traditional high-pressure equipment to maintain a smooth trend in the trend, the net share of enterprises within the network increased; the other hand, benefit from the UHV project in 2016 into the peak delivery.

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