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Smart Home Zigbee Installation Notes
Aug 10, 2017

Smart Home Zigbee installation notes
     Smart Home Zigbee is mainly to give users the option to install Smart Home Zigbee location guide to be able to make the most efficient use of Smart Home Zigbee. Careful consideration from the Smart Home Zigbee itself to the human ear to the sound of the impact of intelligent home ZigBee sound transmission factors can make intelligent home ZigBee in the community to achieve the optimal level of alarm effect. Experience shows that a person with a normal hearing can hear at least the same amount of sound as the ambient noise. Experience also tells us that the factory area surrounding noise is usually 90 dB.
     Therefore, for a factory area can hear the signal strength of the signal is also about equal to 90 dB. In this case, signals at any location below 90 dB are considered not to be within the effective range of the Smart Home Zigbee. Wind speed and wind direction also often affect the sound from the Smart Home Zigbee. Therefore, in the choice of a Smart Home Zigbee system to choose the installation site, the prevailing wind direction should also be considered within the scope.
     For example, if the prevailing direction is from the West, we can put the Smart Home Zigbee installed in the Smart Home Zigbee effective range of the west side of the edge. Other factors to consider include the availability of power supplies, ease of installation and maintenance, and the height of the surrounding obstacles.
Smart Home Zigbee function is not limited to security
1, anti-theft security
Smart Home Zigbee used to steal anti-theft this application that is well known. Because it is public property, office confidential, or home property, Smart Home Zigbee can play its role, in general, anti-theft theft is the basic function of Smart Home Zigbee. As the emergence of Smart Home Zigbee, use and popularity, which also allow public life in the stolen theft rate has been effectively reduced.
2, fire disaster relief
Fire and disaster relief applications This is also very common, in general, when you in the mall or hotel and other places, can be found in the roof at a distance not far from the smoke probe and shower head. Once the indoor smoke concentration is too high will trigger the alarm device, while activating the rain nozzle, which is a typical example of the application of fire.
3, leak monitoring
This is the most prominent application of the gas, toxic gas leak monitoring alarm. The kitchen can be described as the focus of security precautions, because a lot of negligence may cause extremely serious consequences, resulting in irreparable damage. The application of intelligent home ZigBee can be a good way to prevent damage due to pipeline damage, or forget to close the valve and other causes of toxic gases, combustible gas leakage caused by the harm.
Today's security industry, the rapid development of security manufacturers, of course, as numerous. Home Smart Home Zigbee is even more numerous, the price is more Cen poor, there are dozens of pieces also have thousands of pieces. That in the end is to seek cheap or to ensure that the quality of the purchase price of your point? This problem, so many users choose Smart Home Zigbee products face confusion.
    Home Smart Home Zigbee, I believe we are no stranger to the development of security industry, Smart Home Zigbee has gradually entered the tens of thousands of households, the product is varied. The following wireless Smart Home Zigbee manufacturers to introduce the most important points, so that we can buy anti-theft device for reference.
First look at the quality of the product
   Quality is an important criterion for measuring whether a product is excellent. But the quality is not equivalent to the function. Any one Smart Home Zigbee, it has the most basic anti-theft alarm function, if it passed the quality, the key moment will be able to show its function. And a Smart Home Zigbee function and then fancy, the quality is not good, the key moment is easy to produce non-reported, false positives. So, this Smart Home Zigbee is a kind of furnishings. How to judge the quality of it? First, look at the Smart Home Zigbee there is no compulsory Ministry of Public Security CCC certification. Second, is not the regular manufacturers of products. Third, look at the appearance of the product, under normal circumstances, through the appearance can also see the product quality, if the product appearance to do very rough, then how people believe that the quality will be okay.

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