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Smart Home Zigbee Off The Net Red To Become The King
Nov 03, 2017

Smart Home Zigbee off the net red to become the king
As people become increasingly demanding personal experience of life, Smart Home Zigbee from the "red net" has become a "king." How to say this? "Red Net" is the equivalent of a very popular online life so popular words. Smart Home Zigbee has been spread to the public by the public, has become the mouth of the people, "Red Net" said. This is a reliable "Smart Home Zigbee" that depends on the value of the paint. Smart Home Zigbee gradually into people's lives, people pay more attention to their own living environment, comfort, safety and convenience. In recent years, the rise of Smart Home Zigbee system to meet people's needs, the industry has gradually expanded. Following the Smart Home Zigbee manufacturers Xiaobian to understand the changes in Smart Home Zigbee.
It is predicted that in the next five years, the global Smart Home Zigbee device market will see a double growth, from less than 20 million nodes in 2012 to more than 90 million nodes in 2017. In China, the Smart Home Zigbee market has more than 100 million potential customers. In this market, an average of 1,000 yuan each year, there is 100 billion yuan market. With the concept of consumer life and enhance the technology, this one data is constantly changing. As domestic real estate regulation and control this year, the real estate economy downturn, resulting in lower real estate sales, but the industry generally agreed that "the coexistence of opportunities and challenges", the real estate market regulation will not bring too much shock to the Smart Home Zigbee industry. As early as 2008, the "Circular on Further Strengthening the Management of Residential Decoration and Decoration" promulgated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has already guided and encouraged the construction of new commercial houses in a renovated or menu-decorated mode at the policy level.
Therefore, the property market control will force real estate developers to take the fine line, the introduction of "less quality" project, doing differential marketing, Smart Home Zigbee is clearly the biggest selling point, which is the impact of the development of the Smart Home Zigbee industry is positive. It is predicted that in the next five years, the global Smart Home Zigbee device market will see a double growth, from less than 20 million nodes in 2012 to more than 90 million nodes in 2017.
From the technology to see the future trend of Smart Home Zigbee
In fact, Smart Home Zigbee technology is not a product of accumulation of cutting-edge technologies, but the combination and application of network technology, communication technology and automation control technology. The excessive pursuit of technology, function, operation and appearance will only be counterproductive, making the product not easy to popularize. After all, the complex functions, difficult to operate smart products make users feel cumbersome and have a burden. Smart Home Zigbee future development will be like?
From a technical point of view, the future of Smart Home Zigbee will be developed in the following directions:
1. Touch control in the next five years will become the popular type of Smart Home Zigbee control method, and intelligent control of lighting, appliances, curtains, security, surveillance and access control in the home will be realized through an intelligent touch screen.
2. Smartphone will become the relative intelligent mobile intelligent control terminal in the future. Realize the remote monitoring and control in the home through the Smart Home Zigbee client software or WEB mode of the mobile phone, realize remote unlocking at home, confirm the image of the guest , Remote air conditioning and heating equipment. This will be the mobile control method everyone needs.
3. Wireless and wired control system, will be seamlessly integrated, trunk area using wiring control system, small area wireless control system, which will be the future direction of Smart Home Zigbee control systems and technologies. Thousands think that how to simplify the combination between the two and improve the use of the effect will be a big challenge for Smart Home Zigbee businesses.

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