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Smart Home Zigbee Scalability
Oct 12, 2017

Smart Home Zigbee product prices vary widely, and some products are expensive, some very cheap, but in general, want to complete a set of words is not all the family consumption from the. Cause a lot of people do not want to buy. With the development and research, Smart Home Zigbee industry has gradually mature, not the 'old one', most products can be used independently. This makes Smart Home Zigbee scalable.
For example: early can only buy a smart lock, or lighting a smart switch, and so rich, or feel that our Smart Home Zigbee can also continue to buy, slowly increase the equipment, the benefits of doing so a lot The
1. Save costs, so you can know which products you need, which do not need, complete sets of intelligent systems, mixed with some of the ordinary family is not practical Smart Home Zigbee, may seem very tall, but also increased the cost The
2. Let the user himself first familiar with the use of Smart Home Zigbee, slowly increase the other steps can be gradual, some users suddenly increased a lot of Smart Home Zigbee, do not be familiar with the operation, and even rush.
3. Let the product into the ordinary family, easy to popular, smart socket or smart switch this product any family are affordable, and cost-effective, even if not later increase Smart Home Zigbee can only use these products.
In general, Smart Home Zigbee's scalability is built on low-end products, allowing users to step by step Smart Home Zigbee use.
In fact, Smart Home Zigbee as early as 90 years in foreign countries there, but it is wired, it will be expensive, is really as long as the soil ho to play things to the back of the technology more and more comprehensive, slowly start Civilians, but because of the need for a large number of cabling, and expensive so far can not achieve universal, and finally no way can only be introduced now we are more commonly used smart TV, but also the fire for some time, and then wireless Smart Home Zigbee began to develop, Common smart lock it, now in a second-tier cities in the district has become a standard, followed by a variety of Smart Home Zigbee launch, but in 2008 when the wireless Smart Home Zigbee in addition to some simple operation of home appliances are also high-end products, From all aspects of the popularity can not do, like today's voice with interactive features is tasteless, cost is too low, and certainly not as good as wired intelligence so stable, with the continuous development of scientific and technological level, wireless Smart Home Zigbee Now also came to a new height, first of all six wireless technology improvements (infrared, Bluetooth, wifi, radio frequency, Z igbee, power carrier), the six wireless technologies have the shortcomings of the word, but also the word can not be over the advantages, we would like to find a solution to this shortcoming or use him in other places to make up for this shortcoming. (The specific program in the joint intelligent official website search 'Smart Home Zigbee wireless technology'), now wireless Smart Home Zigbee advantage has been clearly reflected:
1. Some smart need a lot of wiring, more of a lot of wiring costs
2. Now the house prices are getting higher and higher, and you are willing to get your house destroyed
3. Wired Smart Home Zigbee now want to install or change the old home appliances directly, or will be a lot of modification
It is too expensive
5. bad maintenance, after all, if the bad so big, there are so many routes

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