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Smart Home Zigbee Transformation To Smart Hotel
Oct 23, 2017

Smart Home Zigbee Transformation to Smart Hotel
In recent years, with the people's living standards, spending power and social division of the fine, in the home improvement market, home soft equipment gradually broken down from the home hardcover. Smart Home Zigbee rapid development, more home soft equipment industry into the fresh blood. According to incomplete statistics, to 2017, home soft-loaded industry output value can reach 500 billion or so.
Soft Enterprise Enterprise Attack Wisdom Hotel Area
Smart Home Zigbee this area has been noisy very hot, we began to look on the smart hotel above. Now people's living standards greatly improved, the demand for tourism is also increasingly strong, accommodation became essential, a good hotel experience can also bring a large number of customers, for some hotels also began to decorate their own hotels , To attract the attention of tourists.
Shenzhen joint intelligence will be the national consumption upgrade economic structure transformation as a historical opportunity to fully integrate internal and external resources, the use of the most advanced cloud computing, large data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other new technologies to build the most suitable for users personalized Smart Home Zigbee platform , To create a link to all the Internet home life ecosphere.
In the face of IT era development opportunities, the joint intelligence has developed a third generation of the host, the control range of 1000 meters, to solve the problem of residential villa control, successfully built based on intelligent control technology, Internet technology, large data and cloud computing technology Smart Home Zigbee Internet management, service and operation of the Internet platform.
Wisdom hotel, menacing
The implementation of the wisdom of the hotel hotel to bring a very large income, the first is to attract customers eye, to bring customers a different experience, increase customer retention rate. Second, the hotel can save a lot of resources, the traditional hotel water and electricity waste is very serious, intelligent hotel sensor lights can do people to light, people go light off, automatic sensor water and other equipment can greatly save water and electricity resources. Finally, in the hotel management, you can automatically record the customer's information and hobbies, to help us better understand the needs of customers.
When the young people to replace the elderly to become the main body of residential demands, home soft equipment from the icing on the need to evolve into a rigid demand, with the Chinese middle class family life concept of transformation and the popularity of intelligent terminal equipment, home scene intelligent equipment and home Rht Us ...... Vertical composition ...... term ...... Finded Chinese Rh ...... to rounds. Refacing wanted outcome, Soft customization is the inevitable result of the pursuit of user experience.
And Smart Home Zigbee system technology + software design + hotel services, will produce what kind of chemical reaction, need to look at both companies in the future cooperation in the resources and duration of the exploration of the road is not good, but if there is The right partner, in the future Smart Home Zigbee, the development of the wisdom of the hotel, a place is also easy to save more.
Over the past few years, the author visited a lot of Smart Home Zigbee enterprises, when talking about this industry, the public business executives almost unanimously said, "Smart Home Zigbee industry is really a 'outlet', people can live and work, eat and drink worry , It 's exactly how you can make life easier and more comfortable, and it' s all that Smart Home Zigbee is doing.
They also said that in the early days of Smart Home Zigbee entering China, many companies are aware of the existence of this "cake", all you fight I robbed the industry, but most of them are lack of resources and technology of small start-up companies. According to a reluctant to disclose the name of the Smart Home Zigbee entrepreneurs told reporters, "when he did Smart Home Zigbee, simply think that in the traditional hardware to add a sensor to become Smart Home Zigbee. And this is also the industry's real Portrayed, most companies are holding the idea, with the attitude of making money here.

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