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Temperature Sensor Detector Works
Nov 25, 2016

Temperature detector principle is the use of thermal sensors to detect a fire. In the initial stages of the fire, on the one hand there is a lot of smoke, and other substances in the combustion process releases large amounts of heat, sharp rise in ambient temperature. Physical changes in the thermal element of the detector, thus temperature signal into an electrical signal and alarm processing.

Many kinds of temperature-sensing fire detectors, according to its thermal effects and structure can be divided into fixed temperature, Cha-Oom-differential-constant temperature of three. Design of electronic differential temperature detector in the thermistor generally takes two performances in the same match, a place within the metal shield, one external, external thermistor sensing speed

Slow due to the thermal insulation of induction. Use their differences to achieve differential temperature alarm, external thermistor is set at a fixed temperature (62 c-level sensitivity, 70 for second-level sensitivity, 78 for three levels of sensitivity), achieve the purpose of fixed temperature alarm. Among signal pickup amplifier shaping things, other circuits and the same ion sensing smoke detector.

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