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The Advantage Of Burglar Sirens For Security Net
Sep 12, 2017

The advantage of burglar Sirens for security net

Now people's standard of living is constantly improving, so the security problem is becoming more and more attention, the security problem has become a people are very concerned about the problem, more and more families are beginning to concern the safety of their families, and the security issues including personal safety and property safety, so how to ensure the safety of their families? The most effective way to do this is to be a burglar Sirens.
Before, there are many families to protect their own safety, all are installing security nets in the home, but the traditional home defense system is actually used to expose a lot of hidden dangers. Moreover, the traditional mechanical anti-theft method (security door, security window, etc.) has a lot of drawbacks in practical application. These disadvantages are mainly reflected in:
1. The quality of many security nets in the market is not acceptable, which makes the theft more frequent
2. It is more likely that children will have safety problems
3. The thief adopts the means of violence and the traditional anti-theft method fails.
4. Provide the criminals with the conditions of change
5. Sudden disasters prevent escape, and security nets are not good for escaping fire.
6. Influence the environment of the city. Nowadays, many city laws force the demolition of security nets.
So, compared with traditional anti-theft methods, what are the advantages and disadvantages of intelligent burglar Sirens?
The so-called burglar Sirens is an anti-theft Sirens system for the emerging electronic class of the 21st century. It can change the passive anti-theft method of traditional anti-theft mode and then change from passive to active. In this case, once a burglar intrude in the home, the detector will detect it, so that the Sirens will ring and the thief will be terrorized. It can also notify the owner remotely, even if the user is not at home. Compared to security net, has very big advantage.
The function of the Sirens is no longer limited to burglar
1. Burglary prevention
The use of Sirenss to prevent theft is well known. Because whether it is public property, office secrets, or household property, Sirenss can play its role. In general, burglar prevention is the basic function of sirens. Because of the presence, use and popularity of sirens, the theft rate of stolen in public life has been effectively reduced.
2. Fire and rescue
Fire disaster relief applications this is very common, in general, when you are at the mall or hotel etc, can be found on the roof near the distance will be smoke detection head and nozzle in the rain. When the indoor smoke concentration is too high, the Sirens device is triggered and the shower nozzle is activated, which is a typical example of fire prevention.
3. Leakage monitoring
The most prominent application of this aspect is the monitoring of gas and toxic gas leakage. The kitchen is a key area of safety precaution, as a lot of negligence can lead to extremely serious consequences, resulting in irreparable damage. And the application of the Sirens can be very good to prevent the damage caused by the leakage of the pipe or the leakage caused by the leakage of the valve, etc.
Traditional wired burglar Sirenss are only local Sirens sounds detected when there is theft. There is no controller inside, easy to be destroyed, installation, expansion is not convenient. The expert of the high power Sirens of wenzhou huanghe industrial co., LTD. Will explain the wireless burglar Sirens to you in the future. Wireless burglar Sirens is controlled by single chip microcomputer, powerful and easy to extend to multi-purpose smart home system.

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