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The Design Of Smart Alarm Detector Zigbee
Sep 12, 2017

The design of smart Alarm Detector Zigbee

The traditional cable Alarm Detector Zigbee is only local Alarm sound detected when there is theft, and there is no controller inside, which can easily be destroyed, installed, expanded and inconvenient. The expert of high power Alarm of wenzhou huanghe industrial co., LTD. Will explain to you the Alarm Detector Zigbee. Alarm Detector Zigbee USES singlechip control, powerful, and easy to expand into multi-purpose smart home systems.
Can Alarm Detector Zigbee design traditional wired Alarm Detector Zigbee is detected when having stolen love only in the local Alarm sounds, internal controller, easy broken failure, installation, extension, also not convenient. In this paper, design of the Alarm Detector Zigbee using single-chip microcomputer control, powerful, and easy to expand into a multi-purpose intelligent household system, intelligent Alarm system hardware architecture is shown in figure 1, mainly including the central controller, launch receiving module, DTMF (dual tone multiple frequency) module, voice module, telephone interface module, etc.
Choose the AT89C51 MCU. P3.2(INT0) is connected with the burglar detector to detect the theft. If the theft occurs, the external interrupt will be triggered. P2.1 connect voice circuit to achieve voice playback control. P2.3 connect the telephone interface chip to achieve the analog pick - off control. P1.0 output simulation remote control. P1.4 connect alarm buzzer. P0.0 ~ P0.3 is connected to the MT8888 D0 ~ D3 respectively and USES the data bus. P2.0 is connected with the RS0 of MT8888 to control the selection of internal registers of the MT8888. P2.7 and MT8888 CS control the choice of MT8888. P3.3(INT1) connects the 24 feet of the telephone interface chip to detect the ringing. P3.6 and P3.7 are connected with MT8888 WR and RD respectively to control the read and write operation of MT8888
Alarm Detector Zigbee, to their family's biggest security guarantee company, recently just bought a house in shenzhen, for village just new, pedestrians are not many, plot monitoring equipment is not installed, the individuals want to at that time, it didn't install monitoring, security should be carefully guarded good points. But thieves are not fools. The house was stolen. The computer in the house went missing, and even the newly installed wireless phone was taken away. This situation makes me feel unsafe, it is a small matter to lose these things, but if I have more expensive things in my home, if the old people and the children are at home. How can this be assured, after a few days of the property, say that will give a reply and so on.
Affair even ordered temporarily, after a few days to chat with my friends to the stolen in the home, friends and I had just checking Alarm Detector Zigbee things, also I recommend a website, security Alarm Detector Zigbee, the more wealth and life is unable to compare, let me have a look, say this is of great help to the family, it happened just now, I listen to this helpful to family things I was quite keen, they went to the Internet, this watch doesn't know a see I found good things also, this site inside the product is complete.
I see on the website again to some of the family class product see through from beginning to end, the product is very complete, apply what all have, in the end I chose a comparison for my Alarm Detector Zigbee, and Alarm Detector Zigbee can three years warranty, after-sales service is first class, let me more right, I will immediately ordered a, later after packed, and found the Alarm Detector Zigbee system to regular inspection, can also be dialing Alarm, telephone remote control, is really let a person pleasantly surprised, just bought, feel is a Alarm Detector Zigbee, have the thief came can frighten the thief, unexpectedly, it is more convenient and more quickly, is really a good product, and Alarm Detector Zigbee this web site is also home to my life brings considerable help!

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