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The Function Of The Sirens Is No Longer Limited To Burglar
Sep 04, 2017

The function of the Sirens is no longer limited to burglar

1. Burglary prevention

The use of Sirenss to prevent theft is well known. Because whether it is public property, office secrets, or household property, Sirenss can play its role. In general, burglar prevention is the basic function of sirens. Because of the presence, use and popularity of sirens, the theft rate of stolen in public life has been effectively reduced.

2. Fire and rescue

Fire disaster relief applications this is very common, in general, when you are at the mall or hotel etc, can be found on the roof near the distance will be smoke detection head and nozzle in the rain. When indoor smoke concentrations are too high, it triggers the Sirens and activates the shower head, which is a typical example of fire prevention.

3. Leakage monitoring

The most prominent application of this aspect is the monitoring of gas and toxic gas leakage. The kitchen is a key area of safety precaution, as a lot of negligence can lead to extremely serious consequences, resulting in irreparable damage. And the application of the Sirens can be very good to prevent the damage caused by the leakage of the pipe or the leakage caused by the leakage of the valve, etc.

Hydrogen gas is flammable and can be measured by catalytic combustion sensor. But when we ask to measure the PPM concentration, Sirens the combustible gas detector cannot meet the requirements and must be measured by electrochemical sensors. In terms of usage, hydrogen detector can be divided into fixed and portable. As the name implies, the fixed installation is fixed in the wall or pipe that needs to probe the environment. The advantage is that it can be tested continuously for 24 hours. The disadvantage is that the detection position is fixed. The portable hydrogen detector can be flexibly maneuverable to the detection of each site. In practical application, can use 2 kinds of instrument collocation, the effect is better.

Related hydrogen detector

1. The pump suction hydrogen detector is equipped with a built-in suction pump, which can quickly detect the concentration of hydrogen in the working environment. Pump suction type hydrogen meter adopts imported electrochemical sensor, is very large, clear LCD screen acousto-optic Sirens prompt, guarantee in very bad work environment also can detect and timely reminder operator to prevent dangerous gas.

2. Portable hydrogen detector

A portable hydrogen leak detector can continuously detect the hydrogen concentration in the operating environment. The hydrogen leak detector tests the gas concentration for the natural diffusion method, and adopts the imported electrochemical sensor, which has excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability. The hydrogen detector adopts the embedded micro-control technology, the menu operation is simple, the function is complete, the reliability is high, the machine performance is the leading level in the country. The casing of the detector is made of high strength engineering materials and composite elastic rubber materials, with high strength and good feel.

3. On-line hydrogen detection Sirens

On-line hydrogen gas detection Sirens is composed of gas detection Sirens and stationary hydrogen gas detector, gas detection Sirens on duty can be placed in the interior, the monitoring of the monitoring control, hydrogen detector installed on the gas leak location, the most easily the core components for gas sensor. Hydrogen detector transforms the hydrogen concentration of sensors into electrical signal, by wire transfer to the gas detection Sirens, the higher the gas concentration, the stronger the signal, when the gas concentration reaches or exceeds the Sirens point of the gas Sirens Settings, gas detection Sirens signal Sirens, and can activate the electromagnetic valve, exhaust fan, such as communications equipment, automatic eliminate hidden dangers. The on-line hydrogen detector is widely used in oil, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, coal mine, water plant and other environment to prevent explosion accidents.

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