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The Reason Why Smart Home Zigbee Is Not Popular
Sep 12, 2017

The reason why Smart Home Zigbee is not popular
1. Under the influence of TV is too big, what kind of movie describing Smart Home Zigbee very much, even is a brand new personality directly, the more powerful on behalf of the more expensive, many people lost to know directly.
2. Most people think that Smart Home Zigbee is not required, to have all the same, but in fact this reason is not there, people's pursuit for a better life that won't change, and second, the Smart Home Zigbee for security is indispensable in the future.
Most people don't know about the Internet of things, they don't know the channels, or we don't have enough publicity.
4. The biggest problem: many people think buy Smart Home Zigbee is to replace the original electrical appliances with intelligent furniture, actually is not in use, and even do not need to change in the original home appliance, just need to install a smart socket, or a smart gateway can keep the original intelligent home appliance.
Actually the very essence of Smart Home Zigbee is intellisense and logic control, through intelligent home control system can self perception environment and scene changes, automatic control, accordingly to ensure the safe and comfortable home environment. For example KOTI intelligent scene switching can cooperate more sensors automatic control home appliances, at that moment, when you step into the door will automatically perform home mode, automatic light open for you, the background music slowly, central air conditioning is already adjusted to the most comfortable temperature, all this is done automatically, without human control.
Every new things because of information asymmetry in the initial period of development, grow a lot of rumors to error, as consumers, we need to take the initiative to learn more knowledge, to prevent the "fool", in order to enjoy the real experience of Smart Home Zigbee.
There are lots of people want to join in Smart Home Zigbee, but the understanding of the Smart Home Zigbee is little, with the development of science and technology, Smart Home Zigbee is in rapid advance, for at the current Smart Home Zigbee, intelligent household function can be divided into four most:
A. Situational mode function
As I am concerned this is my favorite feature, he can change according to the different scenarios of different patterns, can also according to the time setting, as long as the conditions set out in advance, to achieve conditions can automatically start the corresponding functions, such as home mode, start on condition that the moment you step into the door, automatic startup of the appliances you specify, can also according to the time to start, there are ten minutes from home, air conditioning automatically open, can also be started manually, very convenient.
2. Security system
Has long been a security is the most don't rest assured, so Smart Home Zigbee security market is one of the biggest, Smart Home Zigbee security system is actually imperceptibly into the life of people, but also missed a lot of people, many people think that only one lock, intelligent security actually wrong, he can real-time monitoring for home, if someone broke into, system can immediately send warning information to you, you can set him, how long if there is no link to you, such as alarm, the user received warning notice in the first time; Moreover, when the harmful gas in the home exceeds the standard, the system can be sensed, the alarm, the first time eliminate the danger.
3. Intelligent model
Here is the most important of intelligent voice interaction system, I would not like a light automatically, intelligent voice interaction: he is a Smart Home Zigbee control of the host to control and keep your original home appliance, on the basis of your original home appliance to join a few small accessories can use intelligent voice to control the host, like air conditioning is more simple, direct docking by signal link line, I feel he is very cool, especially to find a name, host robot like movies, what to do just say a word, very convenient also.
Four. Remote control function
Remote control at home I would say, Smart Home Zigbee that I can recommend the intelligent voice host, as even the intelligent hall butler is good, I want to say is a remote control, when you are at work, or even in another province, as long as you can use the web to mobile phones have network remote control of home appliance in the home, even to pass the toy and children play at home, very good, but in general use in terms of security, of course, is not the same as the words of the local tyrants, specific as you can imagine how different.

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