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The Wireless Alarm Detector Is An Alarm That Detects Electrical Signals Transmitted By Space Electromagnetic Waves
Jun 01, 2017

Alarm Detector Zigbee The wireless alarm detector is an alarm that detects electrical signals transmitted by space electromagnetic waves. In some cases where the prevention of the site is very scattered or inconvenient to lay the transmission line, the wireless alarm is unique use. In order to achieve wireless transmission, must be between the detector and the alarm controller, increase the wireless channel transmitter and receiver

  GSM wireless telephone alarm

  Alarm Detector Zigbee GSM wireless telephone alarm, make full use of the public telephone network and the ubiquitous GSM wireless telephone network, two-grid, with any one automatic dial alarm system with the use of highly reliable signal transmission services to ensure that the alarm The signal is successfully transmitted. It broke the alarm system space constraints, in the wild, the sea and other places without telephone lines will be useful.

  G50B global wireless mobile communication network control alarm host using the global GSM short message data transmission mode and voice function platform to complete intelligent data remote transmission and control alarm, the host set of home, shops, office safety, Electrical control, private car remote monitoring and other intelligent home functions as a whole, as GSM global wireless mobile communication network signal coverage area, truly low-cost high-quality ultra-long distance convenient and flexible intelligent wireless control and alarm, to solve the fixed telephone Or wired broadband network cable alarm limitations.

  working principle

  Alarm Detector Zigbee The alarm system uses GSM wireless cellular telephone network SMS and voice function platform to complete the remote alarm data transmission and control, the system can be set according to the master mode of deployment, when the detector probe intrusion signal and the alarm signal sent to the host, the host processing After the user pre-set the phone number to send a warning address and category of short messages, and automatically call the set of 1-3 sets of telephone numbers for voice alarm and can monitor the scene, the other users can send SMS by way The system for armed / disarm and other remote operation.

  Network coverage

  GSM global wireless mobile communication network has been popular in the world, so the tour Eagle PH-G series of multi-functional GSM alarm G50B global wireless mobile communication network control alarm host can be widely used in a single family, residential property, electricity, transportation, oil, coal , Railway, municipal, public security and other sectors of the security device, data monitoring and remote monitoring system.

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