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What's So Special About Smart Home Zigbee
Jul 10, 2017

What's so special about Smart Home Zigbee

Smart Home Zigbee, the smart home, is a target. The main idea is to use the network computer to combine some individuals in the home, through it, to make life more energy saving and become more comfortable. And general without the household system control, a more human nature, and has all the functions and features of the traditional household, take some rest before have become like intelligent equipment, can provide some useful information, help the internal and external communication, can let people save time, efficient arrangement time, let the life more safeguard, also can save some resources, it seems, is a one-time investment, long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term benefits of project, time is long you will find that it is actually very save money, once and for all.

Intelligent household Smart Home Zigbee can effectively prevent the thieves to enter, also can detect the occurrence of fire, once found that fire, will immediately report to the police, can greatly reduce the loss, the royal and protect your family's safety. The electrical appliances in the home can also operate remotely, and can be controlled by the home appliance facilities through the characteristics of the owner's speech. Can automatically detect temperature and react accordingly. Home entertainment can also be offered through Smart Home Zigbee, a smart home, like music and some Settings for watching movies.

Outside eat it out but also not health, so we need to perfect hutch defends facilities, the kitchen can be intelligent, will automatically detect the cook lampblack, control the size of the lampblack machine, you don't need to worry about. Bathroom bath water is also intelligent adjustment, not too cool or too hot. Smart Home Zigbee can be connected with the property in your community to achieve better and timely management.

In recent days, the 2014 China building materials household industry development report, published by the China association of materials and materials association, predicted that the industry market would reach 4273.5 billion yuan in 2015. Intelligent wave in household industry has already started for nearly 10 years ago, with the concept of popular, but the user's acceptance doesn't seem to be too high, while there are data statistics has amounted to billions of scale, but with the whole household industry cake, gap is very big. To this day, at least in the Smart Home Zigbee, most users do not have a unified impression. An APP controls all the homes? Smart lighting? Burglar alarm? Especially in the face of a price ten times more expensive than the average product, most users' attitude is -- wait and see.

With cold outside but on the contrary, intelligent household Smart Home Zigbee entrepreneurship is popular, professional players such as RICI, [, have traditional household giant involvement such as haier, gree, midea, and even the Internet giant baidu, ali, jingdong and millet are also speed up the layout of the intelligent household Smart Home Zigbee. Held at the end of September, for example, Shanghai international exhibition of intelligent household Smart Home Zigbee known there will be 280 exhibitors to participate in, and that number a year ago the same site at the Shanghai international exhibition in intelligent building only 180 exhibitors, a year Chinese intelligent household heat Smart Home Zigbee entrepreneurship.

In addition, China's Smart Home Zigbee market will reach 180 billion yuan in 2018, according to a report from the China smart home market research report released by analysys. Even some optimistic analysis suggests that this is a trillion-dollar market, but in these bullish forecasts, is the Smart Home Zigbee really so optimistic? The answer is NO, and we can't help asking why Smart Home Zigbee, the smart home that has grown for more than a decade, is so hard to land. Is the user not needed? Is it technology? There seems to be no right answer. There is no doubt that the Smart Home Zigbee has a long way to go from concept to reality, and how to pry open the fat market, which is the grilling of the whole industry.

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