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What Should We Do When The Combustible Alarm Detector Zigbee Is In Alarm
Sep 04, 2017

What should we do when the combustible Alarm Detector Zigbee is in alarm
       When the discovery of home carbon monoxide Alarm Detector Zigbee alarm first to check whether someone at home in the risk of poisoning, to be particularly vigilant in the protection of high-risk patients in carbon monoxide.
      If there are babies or children at home, check if they have signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Infants or children are more susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning than healthy adults.
      If there is a pregnant woman, if there is a carbon monoxide leak, even if they do not feel discomfort, but the infants in their belly will be hurt if pregnant women suspect that she may inhale carbon monoxide gas, should be immediately sent to the hospital for examination.
       Patients with an elderly or anemic, heart disease or respiratory disease, emphysema, or chronic bronchitis who are at risk of having a high concentration of carbon monoxide poisoning in low concentrations of carbon monoxide.
      If someone at home is in a high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is required to prevent and prevent possible poisoning. When the carbon monoxide radio alarm detector sends out an alarm, it will transfer high-risk patients to the outside and ventilate the room. It is worth noting that high-risk patients can not And then enter the shelter until the source of the problem of carbon monoxide check out and repair to make it back to normal, and indoor carbon monoxide content returned to normal when you can stay.
 Combustible Alarm Detector Zigbee consists of detectors and Alarm Detector Zigbee controller, widely used in petroleum, gas, chemicals, oil depots and other flammable gases exist in the petrochemical industry, to detect indoor and outdoor hazardous places leakage is to ensure production And an important instrument for personal safety. When a combustible gas is present in the site to be measured, the gas detector converts the gas signal into a voltage signal or a current signal to the alarm meter, which shows the percentage concentration of the lower limit of combustible gas explosion. When the combustible gas concentration exceeds the alarm set value when the sound and light alarm signal prompts, watch personnel in a timely manner to take security measures to avoid the occurrence of blasting.
The following will be combustible Alarm Detector Zigbee selection, installation, use and maintenance of the methods and precautions briefly described as follows:
1. Precautions when applying
Combustible Alarm Detector Zigbee fixed-point installation once in place, its location is not easy to change. Specific application should consider the following points.
(1) to clarify what the equipment to be monitored leaks, analyze their leakage pressure, direction and other factors, and draw the probe position distribution map, according to the severity of the leakage into Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ three grades.
(2) According to the location of the air direction, the wind and other specific factors to determine the occurrence of a large number of leaks, combustible gas leakage direction.
According to the results of the on-site accident analysis, more than half of which is caused by improper installation and verification. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the correct installation and calibration precautions to reduce the failure.
2. Precautions for installation of Alarm Detector Zigbees
(1) Alarm Detector Zigbees around the instrument can not have a strong impact on the work of strong electromagnetic fields (such as high-power motor, transformer).
(2) Alarm Detector Zigbee is a safety instrument, sound, light display function, should be installed in the staff easy to see and easy to hear the place, in order to eliminate hidden risks.
(3) Alarm Detector Zigbee installation height should generally be 160-170cm, in order to facilitate maintenance personnel for routine maintenance.
(4) Alarm Detector Zigbee probe is mainly contact with the combustion gas sensor detection element, by the platinum wire coil coated with alumina and adhesive composition of the ball, the outer surface with platinum, palladium and other rare metals. Therefore, be careful when installing, to avoid breaking the probe.
(5) the density of the measured gas is different, the indoor probe installation location should be different. When the measured gas density is less than the air density, the probe should be installed outside the roof 30cm, the direction down; the other hand, the probe should be installed at 30cm from the ground, the direction of upward.
(6) The installation of the open-air probe can be selected according to the density of the measured gas installation height, with particular attention to the point should be installed in the wind side of the probe.
(7) gas alarm circuit connection cable to protect the casing, the wiring of the probe is best to add metal hose, and pay attention to the factory with the explosion-proof grade.
(8) After installation and commissioning, be sure to install ventilation waterproof cover, so as not to rain into the damaged probe.

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