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Wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee And Knowledge
Jun 16, 2017

Wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee and Knowledge

The wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee is an electrical switch device that controls the temperature of the air conditioning room. The temperature range of the air-conditioned room controlled by the wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee is generally at 18 ° C to 28 ° C. Window air conditioning commonly used wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee is the principle of the role of pressure to promote the contact with the break. Its structure consists of bellows, temperature control package (test tube), eccentric wheel, micro switch and other components of a sealed induction system and a signal transmission system.

The control method is generally divided into two kinds; one is controlled by the temperature change of the object to be cooled, the steam pressure type wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee is used, the other is controlled by the temperature change of the object to be cooled, Wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees.

Wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees are divided into:

Mechanical type is divided into: steam pressure wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee, liquid expansion of the wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee, gas adsorption wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee, metal expansion of the wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee.

One vapor pressure wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee is divided into: inflatable, mixed liquid and liquid type. Home air conditioning machinery are based on such wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees.

Electronic is divided into: resistive wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees and thermocouple wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees.

The role of the circuit system:

The role of air conditioning circuit system is to control the normal and versatile operation of air conditioning to protect the compressor and fan motor from normal operation. Circuit components are: wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees, thermal protection, the main control switch, running capacitors, fan motor running capacitors are fixed in the control box. The left side shows the electrical circuit diagram of the single-cooled air conditioner. The role of the wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee is to control the start and stop of the compressor.

Electronic wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee (resistive) is the use of resistance temperature method to measure the general use of white gold wire, copper wire, tungsten wire and semiconductor (thermistor, etc.) for the temperature resistance, these resistors have their excellent Sure. Household air conditioning sensors are mostly thermistor type.

The wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee is based on the Wheatstone bridge principle. According to Kirchhoff's law, when the resistance of the bridge R1 × R4 = R2 × R3, A and C two points of the same potential, the output between A and C no current flow , The resistance of the thermistor resistance R1 with the temperature rise or fall around the change, so that the balance is destroyed, AC output current between. Therefore, when constructing a wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee, it is easy to change the temperature adjustment range and the operating temperature by selecting the appropriate thermistor.

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