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Wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee Technology In The Global Popularity
Aug 01, 2017

Wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee technology in the global popularity
Intelligent community in the voice of the people of the rapid rise of life, making the family of wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee product development has never been changed. Community security system has been from the local to the remote development, from the surrounding area to the core - the family gradually closer. People are increasingly concerned about the safety of family life and property.
The traditional mechanical (anti-theft network, anti-theft window) home defense system in the actual use of exposure to a lot of hidden dangers, the state issued a "on the residential area to prohibit the installation of anti-theft network recommendations" that the anti-theft network has brought a lot of problems, The appearance of the city, the escape after the fire and the conditions for the criminals to provide over and so on, so the family security must have a new system, the new method can provide the appropriate solution. The new intelligent home anti-theft wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee system in the sensor mainly through the head, infrared, gas, coal, glass broken and other wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees to sense the abnormal changes, when the sensor sensor to the abnormal situation, the automatic Police sent to the relevant departments and personnel in order to get timely treatment, reduce casualties and property damage.
Over the past two years, the number of home wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees sales and total sales have shown a continuous upward trend, the annual growth rate of more than 30%, with the safety awareness of people, there will be more people use wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee system, in 2002 the total market reached nearly 1.4 billion level, the total number of sales of 700,000 sets. Wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee system to face the market products include three kinds of information transmission: wired network transmission, wireless network transmission and public network transmission, which uses the existing public network (such as telephone network, broadband network) for information transmission, in particular Is the telephone network application has its very superior conditions:.
Fire wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees have a number of intelligent features, such as drift compensation, sensitivity adjustment, automatic pre-alarm, offline compilation, etc., while IFC-6060 fire wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees can also participate in fire linkage control, fire broadcast output, gas fire , Can be connected to the CRT display terminal, composed of a comprehensive fire alarm control system. Applicable to factory buildings, office buildings, hotels, hotels, rooms, commercial buildings and other important places.
IFC2-3030 is a large capacity wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee, designed for medium and large projects. It uses a multi-CPU architecture, which greatly guarantees the reliability of the system.
IFC2-3030 modular design, according to the needs of each project configuration, is the ideal choice for fire wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees. Fire information on the evacuation is very important, IFC2-3030 provides a 640-character LCD large screen Chinese display, the operator can provide fire location, fire progress and evacuation and other important information. Fixed liquid ammonia alarm using imported gas sensor, with high detection accuracy, stable performance, reliable quality, anti-poisoning, anti-interference ability and other characteristics, long-term detection flammable, explosive gas, on-site testing and control , When the detected chlorine gas concentration exceeds the alarm set value, the instrument sound and light alarm, alarm at the same time start the external fire control equipment or other security equipment, thus preventing or reducing the continuation of the degree of on-site danger, to automatically eliminate the risk of the purpose of Explosive structure design. Convenient with a variety of DCS, PLC and other systems connected, high degree of protection, dust, water and corrosion resistance, and can work in acidic alkaline environment. 4-20mA / RS485 multiple signal interface form. SST-9801A gas alarm device for the explosion-proof instrument, the composition of two parts; wireless Alarm Detector Zigbees and alarm controller; wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee (a table) installed in a dangerous place where there may be gas leakage, the core components for the gas Sensitive sensor; fire wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee (secondary table) installed in a safe place on duty room. When the air can be combustible or flammable volatile steam, the wireless Alarm Detector Zigbee detection signal through the cable immediately transmitted to the alarm control unit, the controller shows the gas concentration, when the alarm exceeds the set value, the alarm controller is issued Sound, light alarm signal and output linkage control signal, control fan and other equipment to eliminate dangerous situations, which play a guarantee factory safety production, to avoid accidents. Widely used in various types of oil refineries, oil depots, chemical plants, liquefied petroleum gas stations and other places prone to combustible gas leakage.

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