Home Gas Alarm

Home Gas Alarm

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Basic Info

Type:Home Alarm

Signal Transmission:Wired Alarm

Working Mode:Active

Certification:CE,  RoHS


Sensor Type:Electric Alarm

Working Principle:Electro-Optical Type

Transmission Mode:Wireless

Receive Frequency:Zigbee


Color :White:5inch


New type With Voice
Adopt MCU control
Adopt SMT mounted
Easy installation with a metal bracket
Detect LPG and LNG include city gas
Ideal for all kitchens
Excellent reliability & high stability
Self test function
Less affected by other organic solvent
High Accuracy

Sensor: Catalytic sensor
Detected gas: Natural gas,
Operating voltage: 220VAC or 110VAC, 12VDC-24VDC
Operating Temperature: -10'C - +50'C
Working environment: Humidity ≤ 97% RH
Alarm density: Coal gas: 1000~5000ppm, Natural gas: 1000ppm~5000ppm
Liquid petroleum gas: 1000~10000ppm,
Alarm sound: 85dB/3m
Linkage function: Can link with fan, manipulator, shut-off valve(optional)

Networking: Wired networking: (NO, NC)(optional)
Wireless networking: 315MHz/433MHz (2262 OR 1527)(optional)1. Fitting Locations:

According to specific gravity of natural gas to install gas leakage alarm

1. Natural gas and coal gas: Its specific gravity is lighter than air, so it suspends on the ceiling. Therefore, it is advisable to locate the alarm 30cm below the ceiling at a distance about 1.5m away from gas appliance.
2. Liquid petroleum gas: Its specific gravity is heavier than air, so it sinks down on the bottom. Therefore, it is advisable to locate the alarm 30cm above the floor at a distance of 1 meter away from a gas appliance.

When the detector is ringing with loud sound to remind people, pls open windows to discharg the combustible gas, and enhances the fresh air and oxygen density.

Required to attention:
1. Do not face it to oil smoke and steam of cooking range
2. Do not install it at the airiness area
3. Do not be obstructed by window curtain or cabinet
4. Wired networking(Optional):
4.1. Red wire =Positive power input
This wire must be connected to a permanent positive source.

Black wire = Negative power input.
This wire must be connected to a permanent negative source.

4.2. Yellow wire = Relay (Common) COM contact.
       Blue wire = Relay (Normally open) NO contact.
       White wire = Relay Normally closed) NC contact.

4.3. Connect with exhaust fan
Connect both blue and yellow wire with exhaust switch.

1), The gas detector should be installed at the position of 1.5 meters radius from the gas source, and well-ventilated place

2), If the gas is heavier than the air, the gas detector should be installed higher 0.3-1.2m than the ground; If the gas is lighter

The above is for reference only
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